Hamlet was born in Bogotá (Colombia). He approached music from an early age playing drums influenced by his father Roberto Fiorilli, a prominent drummer in the Colombian music scene between the 60’/70′. He began playing piano at the age of 12 studying privately for one year with a private teacher. Just two years later at the age of 15 Hamlet was playing with the city jazz big band and with the best local bands in town, playing funk, jazz, pop and latin music with his father’s band “Macondo”. From that moment on, continues playing and studying piano as self-taught.

In 1980 he began his studies at the conservatory P.Mascagni of Livorno studying French Horn, classical percussion, composition and choir conducting, at the same time he studied privately jazz arrangement (Berkley school method). He soon began working as a pianist in clubs in Monte Carlo, Austria, Switzerland and French, then around the world in cruise ships for the Italian „Costa Crociere“ and for the English „Black See Ship Company“. He considers himself a musician rather than a pianist, the piano has become over the years only an instrument to express its world and its musicality.

In his career in Italy he played live and recording in studio as well as appearing in TV shows for many artists on the Italian pop scene. As arranger and conductor he directed the pop orchestra for the famous “Festival di Sanremo”. Founder and keyboarder of the band „Animali Rari“ winner of prices and awards as a best live pop-rock band on the 90’. Follows hundreds of concerts and many projects in all kind of music directions which gives him a wide musical spectrum. Since 2004 Hamlet lives in Austria working as a freelance musician. Very versatile he carries on his project the „Latin Jazz Experience“ as well as playing in different projects specially on the salsa, latin and jazz scene.